Mix and Matching - Creating a workspace

Mix and Matching – Creating a Workspace

Finding a desk that is affordable, fits in with your home and has the storage you need, can feel like an impossible task. so why not try a bit of  mix and matching to create a good workspace

Wanting to make a space for my sewing, arts and crafts and a space to teach J to sew, I started on my search to find something that would be perfect. Up until now I had a mix match of furniture, using an old treadle sewing desk, makeshift table on an old set of drawers and a little bench. It was a bit claustrophobic and no storage for my ever growing stash of supplies. Continue reading “Mix and Matching – Creating a Workspace”

Beginner’s Sewing Basket – A guide to get you started

Recently a couple of friends that have wanted to take up sewing, have been looking for advice on what they need to start. From what machine they should get to what items they need to start. This then inspired this guide – Beginner’s Sewing Basket – a guide to get you started.


Here is a basic supplies guide to get you creating

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A day etched in my mind forever

A Day Etched in my Mind Forever

16th of June is a day etched in my mind forever.  It was the day I would never have to walk out of the doors of SCBU and leave my son behind again. No more phone calls  at all hours of the night to check how he was doing, no longer having to holding my breath as I walked through the doors to the nursery room or sitting hearing the monitors beep. The day had come that we could finally be a family together, the day we could bring him home. Continue reading “A Day Etched in my Mind Forever”

Rocketbook wave review

A Mix of Paper and Digital – Rocketbook Wave Review

I doodle, write notes, plan things out on paper and write patterns as I go along. My office is organised chaos with what must seem random pieces of paper to everyone else. Although generally we are moving more to paperless, I do like to jot down ideas on paper, so when Dave was browsing amazon he came across the Rocketbook Wave and decided it would be a perfect present for me, so he brought it. Here is my review of the Rocketbook Wave.

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