Why Judge ?

With all the hurdles, struggles and guilt we have to deal with as parents, instead of supporting each other, why do so many judge others? I just don’t get it!

I breastfeed, babywear and co-sleep because it works for me. I researched it all, read of pros and cons and I made an informed choice of the way I want to parent my children. . If someone formula feeds, baby sleeps in their own cot and they don’t carry their baby in a carrier, why should I critique the way they parent ? Continue reading “Why Judge ?”

Corrected Age – 3 Tips from a Mum of a Prem

When I brought J home, once everything settled down and a new routine settled in, we just got on doing life. Being a first time mum, I didn’t question what health professionals said or when they arranged appointments to assess him. I didn’t imagine when I brought him home, corrected age would be something that centred around many stresses, fears and sleepless nights. Continue reading “Corrected Age – 3 Tips from a Mum of a Prem”

Recycling – Why make it such a chore?

We all know recycling is a good thing to do and I want to show my kids to be responsible. Why do some councils make it such a chore to do it.

Many areas have different coloured wheelie bins so you can put the rubbish to be recycled outside and on collection day, just put bin out and job done. That’s too straightforward and logical for our area. We have a plastic tub, a plastic bag, a sack, and food caddy. Any other items suitable for recycling that doesn’t go in those are to be put out for recycling in carrier bags (!?). Continue reading “Recycling – Why make it such a chore?”