Day 1 – Is it time for bed yet ?

I’ve survived so far , is it time for bed yet ?

R woke for feeding at 4 this morning but with cheeky boob peeking smiles she was determined to stay awake and no amount of me pleading with her to close those eyes worked .

Fast forward to just after 5 am sitting there slowly winning the sleep battle when I hear

MUMMMMMMMY I NEEEEEED YOU! Continue reading “Day 1 – Is it time for bed yet ?”

Dear Mummy growing a rainbow

So you finally have that positive pregnancy test you so very much wanted so you should be so happy right ?  but instead of that happy excited feeling you expect to feel, that you have seen your freinds and family go through,  seen on so many shows and movies,  your filled with a ball of emotions scared to be happy right now….. it’s OK to feel like this Continue reading “Dear Mummy growing a rainbow”