Has left in a safe place been redefined ?

So R is fast outgrowing her carry cot, I felt it was time to start shopping around for a cotbed, I found a great deal online so went ahead and ordered it and some of the soft furnishings .

cotSo with cotbed and associated bits and pieces ordered, I looked at the expected delivery date so to make sure we were around . Continue reading “Has left in a safe place been redefined ?”

Whats all this babywearing about?

After J was born, a couple of the mums I had made friends with on bounty were babywearing and saying how good it was. Then there was me, I had already brought a baby carrier and sling , hubby used the baby carrier a handful of times and I used the sling once or twice, but wouldn’t have really called it babywearing.  They mostly lived in their box and bag on a shelf.  I sold them a few years later being hardly used. Continue reading “Whats all this babywearing about?”

Taken the plunge and here I am

Well the plunge has been taken, a warts and all on life, love and raising 2 children on the other side of the world.

I have been blogging for a number of years but not sure if  was  hormones or my brain running (or not running) on many cups of coffee and sleep deprivation, that made me come up with the idea of Dinky-Di Mum but here it is

So for the introduction….. Continue reading “Taken the plunge and here I am”